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Unit Circle Lesson 1

Radians vs. Degrees and the pi/4 angles.

Unit Circle Lesson 2

Pi/6 angles

Unit Circle Review 1 - Angles

Unit Circle Lesson 3

Pi/4 points

Unit Circle Lesson 4

Pi/6 points

Unit Circle Point Review

Review locating the points given an angle on the unit circle.

Unit Circle Lesson 5

Negative Angles, Angles greater than 2∏, Coterminal Angles

Unit Circle Lesson 6

Finding Sin, Cos, and Tan values using the unit circle.

Unit Circle Lesson 7

Finding values of the reciprocal trig functions using the unit circle.

Unit Circle Review 3

Finding values of the 6 basic trig functions using the unit circle.

How to memorize the unit circle

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Lots of online games to practice multiplication.

Meteor Multiplication

Destroy all the meteors before they crush you!

Penguin Jump Multiplication

Race penguins while practicing multiplication.

Multiplication Blocks (Candy Crush clone)

Candy Crush/Bejeweled type game to practice multiplication.

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App Math Concepts Remind Link - Spring 2018

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