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7th Grade Syllabus


Class Syllabus


Room # 125





Structure of Class:

  • Enter class and start bell work
  • Instruction of lesson
  • Work and Questions
  • Ending Task
  • Dismissal


Class Policies:

The class will maintain a respectful learning environment for all involved. Disrespect towards other students, faculty, and staff will have zero tolerance. Homework that is turned in late will be deducted 30%, without an excused absence. Students will have 3 days after a test or quiz is given to it makeup or receive an incomplete.



Eureka Math: A Story of Ratios Workbook


1st Quarter Focus Standards

 *7.RP.A.2: Recognize and represent proportional relationships between quantities

*7.EE.B.4: Use of variable to represent quantities in a real world or mathematical problem, and construct simple equations and inequalities to solve problems by reasoning about the quantities


Student Responsibilities:

 Students are responsible for being on time to class and to bring their workbook, pencil, and paper.


Classroom Expectations: Respect will be shown within the classroom. To show respect you must do the following

R-(be) Responsible

E-(be an) Example

S-(have) Supplies

P- (show) People

E- (show) Effort

C- (show the) Classroom

T- (show) Teamwork



Classroom Rules:

  • Be in class in your seat
  • Be prepared
  • Participate
  • All school rules apply


Classroom Procedures:

The class will complete the following and all assignments must be turned in to be graded.

  • Daily Bell work
  • Weekly quizzes
  • Random notebook checks


Classroom Consequences/Rewards:

Consequences will be varied from exercise to isolation.

Rewards will be varied from free time to homework passes.



Students must be in their seat when bell rings or will be considered tardy. Three (3) tardies will equal one (1) absence. Attendance will be taken every class period and reported to the office.



40% Daily work and Weekly quizzes

30% Test

20% Projects

10% Homework



Grading Scale:





F:69 or below