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Life Skills Syllabus





Life Skills Training

Class Syllabus


Room # 21

Ms. Randolph



Structure of Class – Life Skills

7th grade – Monday and Tuesday 9:04-9:50

8th grade – Wednesday and Thursday 9:04-9:50



Life Skills Training


1st Quarter Focus Standards

Clarify - clearly identify the decision to he made or the problem to be solved

Consider possible choices and what would happen for each choice; get additional information if you need it

Choose – the choice that is best for you. Afterwards, think about whether you were satisfied with your decision


Student Responsibilities



Express your opinion

Respect your fellow students (listen to them and their ideas)

Class discussions are private and must be kept confidential


Classroom Expectations

You are expected to come in prepared to work, ready to participate, and willing to help. You are always expected to do your best work. 


Classroom Rules

Be prepared

Be respectful

Do your best work

Everyone participates

Have a positive mindset


Classroom Procedures

Come in quietly

Raise your hand

Be helpful


Classroom Consequences/Rewards

Rewards =                                                    Consequences =

Praise                                                             Redirection

Surprise reward                                          3 warnings given

parent text/phone call                              one-on-one with teacher (tm discipline form)

                                                                        parent text/phone call

                                                                        office referral



Regular school attendance is important and essential for the academic development of students.  Excessive absences (excused and unexcused) from school or tardiness to class and/or early dismissals from class are detrimental to such development.  Class attendance is VERY important.  Students are responsible for giving absentee notes to the teacher as they enter the classroom upon returning to school following an absence or an early dismissal. We will follow the Humboldt Jr/Sr High School’s attendance policy outlined in the Student Handbook.



Grades will be entered each week into power school.  You will receive a participation grade as well as grades for any assignments and/or projects assigned.  I do not assign busy work.  Any work assigned will be graded and feedback will be given. 


Grading Scale

A 93 – 100    

B 85 – 92      

C 75 – 84    

D 70 – 74 

F 69 or below 



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