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Classroom Rules

Mr. Kendall’s Classroom Rules 2020-21

Come into the room, get to your seat, put your phone away and prepare for the day’s activities as instructed.


Stay Socially Distanced from others in the classroom at ALL TIMES.


Once the bell rings or before it does, begin the opening activity that is written or projected on the boards.


No cursing or using profane language (The N-word is profane and will not be tolerated in my class), talking about anyone, checking or picking on others will not be tolerated. If you do these things I will write you up.


Keep hands and feet to yourself. Sit facing the front of the room. Do not touch or bother anything that doesn’t belong to you.


During this time of COVID 19 These rules must be followed to the letter.  Failure to do these things will result in me writing you up.


Keep your mask on at all times!!!!!!!!!


Listen to and FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS as they are given to you! THE FIRST TIME!