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Art 1

Class Syllabus


Room # 25




Structure of Class­ – Bell ringer activity, Lesson/Review activity, Clean up


Class Policies Always do your best, Respect others, Tools should be used properly


Text(s) - N/A


1st Quarter Focus Standards – Domain: Create – HS1.VA.Cr2.A Make art or design without having a preconceived plan using course specific craftsmanship.            


Student Responsibilities – All art must be shaded and or colored. Must be neat and well planned. Must use the whole paper, no empty spaces. No outline only drawings. No tracing is allowed. Tracing will result in a grade of 0.


Classroom Expectations - Always do your best, Respect others, Tools should be used properly


Classroom Rules – Stay in your seat. Raise hand to talk. Supplies will be provided to you. Take care of all supplies yours, others, and the art rooms. Destruction of any supply will not be tolerated. 


Classroom Procedures ­– Enter quietly and sit in your seat. Questions will be answered after roll is taken. Pay attention when Mr. Melton gives instruction. Keep talking to a whisper when allowed.


Classroom Consequences/Rewards – Minor behavior problems: 1st warning, 2nd wright off and contact parent, 3rd office referral. Major behavior problems: office referral


Attendance – See student handbook


Grades – Must be finished to receive a grade. Late work is only accepted if you notify me about it being late. It is the student’s responsibility to turn in all work by the due date.


Grading Scale ­– The bell ringer and lesson art are combined for your total grade. Example: 1 bell ringer 2 lesson art works. The bell ringer is worth up to 30 pts the lesson art is worth up to 35 pts. 35+35=70+30=100.

Each individual work of art will have a list of required steps that need to be completed.