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Rules & Rewards


Classroom Rules: Students will sit in their assigned seats every day. Students will be required to wear their face masks if they are within 6 feet of another student or the teacher. The teacher will also be required to wear their face mask if they are within 6 feet of a student or other teacher. Bathroom breaks will only be taken in between classes. Class time is not a designated time to use the bathroom. Emergencies will be understood but should not be abused.

Virtual Classroom Rules: The physical classroom rules all apply. In addition, you should participate in virtual learning in the quietest and be respectful of other students. Students should keep themselves on mute, unless answering a question. Students should be dressed according to code, as if they were still in the school building. Students should be prepared for class. Students should not be listening to music or being distracted in any other way.


Viking Pride Tickets will be rewarded to students that show exemplary work in the classroom. Students will also be rewarded with snacks or other forms of candy or food to congratulate them on their hard work in the classroom.