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SAILS/Bridge Math

SAILS Syllabus

SAILS Description: The Seamless Alignment and Integrated Learning Support (SAILS) program targets students who have not achieved college readiness benchmarks by introducing the college developmental curriculum into the high school senior year. Developed by K-12 teachers and higher-education faculty, SAILS embeds college Learning Support competencies into the high school senior year math course, allowing students to begin their college career prepared for credit-bearing coursework. SAILS utilizes a facilitated hybrid instructional model, combining the professional pedagogical expertise of the certified teacher with dynamic properties of multimedia and digital content. Research supports that this blended system of teaching and learning is the most effective at engaging students with their work and increases their success rate. For more information on SAILS go to On twitter: @SAILSTennessee.

Course Content: This course includes the study of real numbers (integers, fractions, decimals, applications, and basic geometry); operations with algebraic expressions (including rules of exponents), equations, inequalities, and proportions, linear graphing (including forms, functions, and inequalities); modeling and critical thinking (which includes systems of equations, quadratic equations and probability and statistics); advanced topics (geometry with composite figures, trigonometry, advanced graphing and additional methods to solve quadratic equations).

Assignments: Students will work on all assignments online through the above link. All homework, quizzes, and reviews can be completed at any time internet access is available. Module tests can only be taken with a SAILS Instructor or Field Coordinator. Students should work the entirety of the class every day and it is suggested at least 2-3 hours outside of SAILS class each week in order to meet deadlines assigned by the teacher. Students should be aware that in order to pass a homework assignment, it must be completed with at least 90% accuracy. For quizzes and reviews, students must complete with 80% and for module tests 75%. A pacing guide is available on Schoology and each day the students will have a goal assignment to complete to stay on schedule. 

Rules for Testing: Unlike homework, quizzes, and reviews, the Tests can only be taken with a SAILS Instructor or Field Coordinator. All tests are password protected. A passing grade of 75% is required before the student can progress to the next module. Academic Integrity must always be observed during a test and is further detailed in the Student Academic Integrity Contract below.

Course Goals:

  •  Completing SAILS Modules 1-5 will allow the math remediation requirement to be waived at all Tennessee Community Colleges, Colleges of Applied Technology*, and some Universities, both public and private.
  • Completing SAILS+ by passing a comprehensive final exam allows student to enroll in College Algebra or equivalent course. Please check with your anticipated college/university for their acceptance policy. * Pending approval expected September 2019


This class is graded on progress. Students have a pacing guide of where they should be daily. Students lose points for every module that they are behind on the pacing guide. Students who are ahead or on pace with the pacing guide will maintain a 100 pt average. 

Student Academic Integrity Contract I am taking a course in association with the College System of Tennessee. Therefore, I agree to adhere to the academic integrity policies set forth by the College System of Tennessee. If caught violating these policies, I may be removed from the course and SAILS Math program. When I take a test, I:  

  • Must be with my SAILS Math teacher or field coordinator
  • Cannot use my own computer/device.
  • Cannot be on any other website
  • Cannot be using a cell phone or smart watch in any way
  • Cannot be talking to other students
  • Cannot have notes
  • Cannot receive help of any kind from others or my teacher