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Daily Schedule

Mondays: & Tuesdays

 First Period-: 8:00-9:00 AM- Virtual Learning

Second Period- 9:04-9:50 AM- English II

Third Period- 9:54-10:40 AM-  Virtual Learning

Fourth Period- 10:44-11:30 AM- English II

Fifth Period- 11:34-12:20 PM-  RTI-Lunch

Sixth Period 12:24-1:10 PM- English II

Seventh Period 1:14-2:00 PM- Honors English II

Eighth Period 2:04-3:00 PM- Honors English II

Wednesdays & Thursdays

First Period 8:00-9:00 AM- Virtual Learning

Second Period 9:04-9:50 AM- Virtual Learning

Third Period 9:54-10:40 AM- English IV

Fourth Period 10:44-11:30 AM- English IV

Fifth Period 11:34-12:20 PM- Study Hall-Lunch

Sixth Period 12:24-1:10 PM- English IV

Seventh Period 1:14-2:00 PM- Honors English IV

Eighth Period 2:04-3:00 PM- Virtual Learning 

Tony Kendall

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Contact Tony Kendall

Classroom Number:
Room 3
School Phone:
731-784-2781 Ext.119
Cell Phone:
Conference Time:
8 AM -9 AM (M& T), 8- 9:50 AM (W-Th) 8 to 3 F