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Susan Privett

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9:04-9:50 a.m.

About Me

Educational History:

I am a Peabody Alumni from Trenton, Tennessee.  I earned my bachelors degree from the University of Tennessee at Martin in Family and Consumer Science.  Each year I attend the CTE Institute where I attend many unique workshops and professional development courses.  This allows me to continue to stay active with the new information and requirements in education and in the FCS department.

Current Position:

I began my teaching career at Humboldt High School in 2017.  This will be my fourth year teaching the family and consumer science courses at Humboldt High School.  Currently we offer Visual Art 1, Foundations of Fashion Design, and Fashion Design.  Each of these classes build on one another beginning with Visual Art 1, which is used to get your creative juices flowing and begin the hands on approach to learning project base courses.

Family Information:

I am a 2007 Peabody Alumni.  I have loved growing up in Gibson County and learning the history of the communities.  The small town country  lifestyle is what I am used to and love.  (I am NO city girl)  I am single and have no children other than my 3 four legged fur babies. (Rosie, Charlie, and Bailey)  I am a family person and spend most of my personal time working on my parents farm and going places with my 2 sisters. 

Personal Information:

Of course one of my biggest hobbies includes sewing and crafting, wheather it be painting/drawing, vinyl work, or cooking the reason I chose my career path is because this is something I am truely passionate about.  Above all my most enjoyed hobby is playing with my dogs and spending time with my family.

Susan Privett

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9:04-9:50 a.m.