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Daily Schedule

Ms. Cook’s Class Schedule

Class Period Time Class Name Lesson Type


8:00-8:10 Breakfast in the Classroom N/A
1st Period 8:10-9:00 English Language Arts 1 Hybrid
2nd Period 9:04-9:50 Planning Meetings & Virtual
3rd Period 9:54-10:40 English Language Arts 3/4 Hybrid
4th Period 10:44-11:30    
  Lunch Shift 1 – 11:07-11:30 (Jr High)    
5th Period 11:34-12:20 English Language Arts 5 Hybrid
  Lunch Shift 2 – 11:57-12:20    
6th Period  12:24-1:10 English Language Arts 6 Hybrid
  Lunch Shift 3 – 12:24-12:47    
  Lunch Shift 4 – 12:47-1:10    
7th Period 1:14-2:00 Office Hours Virtual Check In
    Email, Phone Calls, Small Group Work  
8th Period 2:04-2:50* Focused Reading 8 Hybrid
Return 1-1 2:54-3:00    

*8th Period will be 2:04-3:00 while students are without laptops. If bell rings at 2:50 please disregard.


7th Grade studnets will bring home meals on Tuesday’s.

8th Grade students will bring home meals on Thursday’s.

ALL STUDENTS: Packet Pick-Up is on FRIDAY’s! Between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Jr. High Students will come to the end of the Jr. High hallway and pick up their work. 

During Packet Pick-Up, students will also take home meals provided by the school. 

Contact Kendra Cook

Classroom Number:
Cell Phone:
(731) 415-1972