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Microsoft TEAMS

Office 365 TEAMS login

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your email credentials

Username: first 3 of first name, middle initial, first 3 of last name

Password: last 4 of SSN

  1. Go to TEAMS icon
  2. Click on class
  3. Join meeting
iCEV- Agriculture Curriculum All Classes


  1. Go to
  2. Username is all lower case and 1 word: lastnamefirstname
    1. Example: La’Wanda Milligan would be milliganlawanda
    2. Notice there are no apostrophes
  3. Password is 123456789
  4. Scroll down and change to a password you can remember
  5. This login is yours and yours alone. Your grades will come from this so please do not share password and change it immediately.
  6. Select a question and answer for the forgot password section
  7. Click save at the bottom
  8. We will go over a tutorial on how to use it before we begin
  9. Please email me any questions you have.


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