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William Wes Arnold

Virtual Students!

Be sure you are logged on to your Math Class via Microsoft Teams during the Period you are assigned to that class. You must log onto Teams using your school provided email address and password. Click HERE for more instructions!

Freshamen/Sophomores must be logged in on Mondays/Tuesdays during your scheduled period.

Juniors/Seniors must be logged in on Wednesday/Thursdays during your scheduled period.

If you are not logged in both days and you have not made prior arrangements with your teacher, you will be considered absent just as if you were a Hybrid student who did not show up to school.



All assignments for Mr. Arnold’s classes are posted on Schoology and updated daily. All students (both Hybrid & Virtual) are responsible for checking Schoology every day to stay up to date on assignments, files, and other resources. Virtual students need to upload all assignments to schoology using the submit button on each assignment page. If you do not know how to upload an assignment to schoology, please click HERE to learn how. If you are unable to submit virtually, you may also drop assignments into my bin located at the front office on Friday’s between 10am-2pm. Click on the for more details. Please Contact me if you are having trouble doing either of these options. Assignments submitted though email, Remind, or Text may be overlooked and cause a delay in grading.


Click Here to download and view Class Syllabi

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William Wes Arnold

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