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Cory Brewer

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Welcome to my online classroom!

How does my student access class materials and lessons?

If you are having trouble getting on Schoology, make sure you are going to . You are signing in, not signing up.

Still having tech issues: Call 1-731-784-2652

               1) All assignments are found on Schoology. If you do not have your Schoology log-in info,  contact your teacher.

        2) All live lessons occur on Microsoft Teams. Open and select the class you are supposed to be attending. It will give you the option to “Join” if a meet is in or about to be in progress. If you miss a lesson or need to review. Recordings of the lesson will appear in the stream below the date/time of the lesson. (It looks just like a Facebook page with videos arranged like comments under their assigned time/date.)

If you do not have a device for viewing live classes from home, please reach out by phone, text, or e-mail so that we can ensure materials and instructions are distributed to help your student have the best and most rewarding experience!


Supply List – Students will need pencils, 1 – 1.5” binder, 1 – compostition notebook, and paper.

Cory Brewer

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Cory Brewer